SOULIVE - Soulive

SOULIVE - Soulive

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Info Sheet

2003 - Blue Note

What you get out of Soulive seems to have a lot to do with what you're looking for. They're the darlings of the groove end of the jazz band spectrum, but they take some knocks from the purist side of the jazz scene. It's understandable. While the trio ( Alan Evans, drums; Eric Krasno, guitar; Neal Evans, organ ) possesses considerable improvisational chops, they devote most of their attention to music that leans more toward funk than fusion, and more toward fusion than the average fan of organ trio jazz might prefer. Still, they do what they do exceedingly well, and especially in a live context, as this release, recorded at five dates on their winter, 2002, tour demonstrates. While their studio output has been peppered with guest appearances from a range of instrumentalist and vocalists, this time it's just the trio. That provides the opportunity for a more direct evaluation of their individual talents, and the live setting provides the opportunity for a better look at their creative interaction. On both scores, they come up winners.The group's blend of funk, jazz and rock isn't really unique, but they're establishing themselves among the genre's foremost contributors with adventurous studio recordings, strong live shows ( sometimes in unlikely venues for a Blue Note act ) and they only strengthen their status with this self-titled release.

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