MURS - The End Of The Beginning

MURS - The End Of The Beginning

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2002 - Definitive Jux - USA

From start to finish Murs rips the mic with a fury, none more than on "Got Damned?" where he vents like a motherfucker to incredible results. Aside from a couple spots, the production holds his weight and then some. Ant ( of Atmosphere ) blesses him with a beat guaranteed to put a smile on your face on "18 w/ a Bullet," and Murs spits touching optimism that is just too rare in hip-hop. It really doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to, Murs is for everybody. He brings a harsh honesty and sense of humor to his so-called sitcom rap ( "taking everyday life and making it entertaining" ) that anyone can relate to. ...The End of The Beginning is also the most accessible Def Jux  album yet with dope beats that will appeal to all comers. Murs not only brings the best album of the new year, he does it his own way.

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