YELLOW JACKETS - Yellow Jackets

YELLOW JACKETS - Yellow Jackets

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1981 - Warner Bros Records - USA

No "opening night" jitters here, this debut Yellowjackets album is solid from start to finish. Ferrante, Haslip and Lawson perform well together as the tight core, while the stellar cast of musicians assisting them is the icing on the cake. Robben Ford was a member of the group in its formative stages, and his guitar work is evident throughout. The early Yellowjackets sound is a seamless melding of jazz, fusion, rock and rhythm & blues influences. The bop-ish "Imperial Strut" gives everone ample room to improvise over a busy rhythmic figure, while "Sittin' In It" is light funk jazz. "Rush Hour" is a high point, featuring a lot of interplay between Ferrante and Ford. Overall, the music may be fusion, but the impressive songwriting and tight instrumentals made the album stand out from its contemporaries of the day.

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