AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Beware The Funk Is Everywhere

AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Beware The Funk Is Everywhere
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1986 - Tommy Boy Records - 独国

After the smash success of “Planet Rock,” Bambaataa started branching out from his trademark sound. He cut "Unity" with James Brown, and then explored rap-rock ( years before it became tired, insipid, and pointless ) with a little help from John Lydon on "World Destruction." This rock jonesing carries over a bit onto his second full-length Beware: The Funk Is Everywhere, with six-string stabs punctuating "Rock America" and a decent cover of MC5's "Kick Out the Jams" ( produced by Bill Laswell ) dominating the album's first half. Side two gets back to basics with "What Time Is It," a posse cut featuring Melle Mel and Soul Sonic Force, whereas "Funk Jam Party" gives a little nod to the DC go-go sound he tapped earlier with Trouble Funk. "Bionic Cats" adds some laughs too, answering George Clinton's "Atomic Dog" from the feline perspective, complete with meows and everything. Beware isn't up on the same classic level that Planet Rock is, but these tracks have more than enough funk moves to keep anybody's ass shaking well into the early morning.